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Revolt in 2100

by Robert A. Heinlein

The Future History Continues
The Ultimate Answer To The Ultimate Tyranny

It wasn't the communists who got us after all...

You can read about its beginnings in the the immortal Stranger in a Strange Land: At the height of America's secular decadence came Nehemiah Scudder, bearing the rod and the wraith of the Lord for those who opposed him, and the promise of earthly happiness and heavenly bliss for those who followed him... and America fell under an absolute religious dictatorship that was to last a hundred years.

But nothing endures forever. The smoldering embers of liberty have burst into flame again. It is time for a new beginning. REVOLT IN 2100

Revolt in 2100 contains the following three novellas :

"If this goes on--"

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Format: Paperback
336 Pages
First Published: 1954

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