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Attic > Cinnamon Bear (7 CDs)

Join Judy, Jimmy, the Crazy Quilt Dragon, and Paddy O'Cinnamon on a timeless musical adventure to find the silver star for the top of their Christmas tree in this delightful set of seven compact discs, freshly transferred from the original 1937 transcriptions.

Episode 1: Surprised by the Cinnamon Bear

In their attic while looking for Christmas decorations, Judy and Jimmy meet the Cinnamon Bear. They learn that the Crazy Quilt dragon has stolen their tree-topper, a gleaming silver star. Paddy O'Cinnamon ("The Cinnamon Bear") invites them to go after Crazy Quilt. First broadcast Friday, November 26, 1937

Episode 2: Piloted through the Attic Tunnel

Flying though a hole in their attic in a glass airplane fueled by soda pop, Judy, Jimmy, and Paddy head for Maybeland but are stranded at the bottom of Looking Glass Valley by a stork who maliciously drinks all the plane's fuel.First broadcast Saturday, November 27, 1937

Episode 3: Stranded in Looking Glass Valley

Conscience stricken, the stork returns to the hapless trio and flies them out of the valley. They locate a sleeping Crazy Quilt with the silver star at the tip of his nose. Paddy awakens the dragon and a scared Crazy Quilt drops the star into the Root Beer Ocean. First broadcast Monday, November 29, 1937

Episode 4: Captured by Ruthless Ink Blotters

Judy, Jimmy, and Paddy are captured by strange creatures called Inkaboos as Crazy Quilt escapes by jumping into the Root Bear Ocean. The twins and Paddy are taken to a vat of ink and threatened with immediate execution. First broadcast Tuesday, November 30, 1937

Episode 5: Outwitted by a Polka Dot Whale

Crazy Quilt and a band of scissor soldiers rescue the prisoners. Crazy Quilt, Paddy, Judy, and Jimmy escape to the Root Beer Ocean. They see the star bobbing on the surface. Just as they are about to grab it, a whale swallows it whole. First broadcast Wednesday, December 1, 1937

Episode 6: Frustrated by a Pelican

After the whale sneezes up the star, Samuel - a playful seal - starts juggling it when a wandering pelican named Penelope snatches it in midair. First broadcast Thursday, December 2, 1937

Episode 7: Intrigued by a Treasure Chest

Presto the Magician appears after the travelers once again arrive on dry land. Using magic, Presto locates Penelope and causes her to drop the star on the Island of Obie. Crazy Quilt, Paddy, and the Barton twins locate an old treasure chest. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by pirates. First broadcast Friday, December 3, 1937

Episode 8: Befriended by Pirates

The pirates take Judy, Jimmy, and Paddy to their ship, leaving Crazy Quilt behind. The pirates were only looking for candy and agree to take their new passengers to the Island of Obie. First broadcast Saturday, December 4, 1937

Episode 9: Upset by a Mysterious Force

On the Island of Obie, Paddy and the twins catch up with the Roly Poly Policeman, whom they had spotted wearing the silver star. Crazy Quilt, who arrived ahead of them, had tricked the policeman into giving him the star. As they start out after Crazy Quilt, a strange force causes Paddy to vanish. First broadcast Monday, December 6, 1937

Episode 10: Approached by a Giant

Paddy reappears. Finally they are all together. They enter a witch's house and walk right through a picture frame into a forest. There they meet Fraidy Cat and begin to tremble as a huge giant comes toward them. First broadcast Tuesday, December 7, 1937

Episode 11: Scared by Yellow Flashing Lights

The giant is a gentle soul and helps Paddy and Judy and Jimmy find food. He gives them a whistle so they can summon him if danger appears. Suddenly, the forest becomes dark and two yellow lights start flashing, looking just like eyes. First broadcast Wednesday, December 8, 1937

Episode 12: Trapped in a Forest

The lights turn out to be Crazy Quilt's eyes. He explains that some strange force told him to take the silver star to the house where it then disappeared into the forest picture. While walking, the group meet a rhyming rabbit, a bee stings Paddy, and the group becomes terribly lost. They give the Giant's whistle to Crazy Quilt and he accidentally swallows it. First broadcast Thursday, December 9, 1937

Episode 13: Threatened by a Witch

The Giant has heard the whistle as Crazy Quilt was hiccupping and takes the whole group back to the house. Paddy, Judy, Jimmy, and Crazy Quilt step through the picture frame into the clutches of Wintergreen the Witch. She seals the door and picture, trapping them. They ingeniously escape the witch and retrieve the star. Crazy Quilt takes them back to the mainland and he accidentally sits on the star, breaking it into a dozen pieces. First broadcast Friday, December 10, 1937

Episode 14: Helped by Queen Melissa

Crazy Quilt suggests they all go see Queen Melissa of Maybeland who might be able to repair the star. When they reach her, Melissa gives them instructions, requesting their undivided attention. First broadcast Saturday, December 11, 1937

Episode 15: Foiled by a Crocodile

Queen Melissa writes down repair instructions in magic ink, sealing them in an envelope. She directs Paddy, Jimmy and Judy, and Crazy Quilt to read the instructions in total darkness. The quartet heads for the Wishing Woods, which is known to be quite dark. There they meet a crocodile that swallows the envelope. First broadcast Monday, December 13, 1937

Episode 16: Obstructed by a Deep, Dark Well

The crocodile is friendly and reads the instructions in his stomach after digesting them. The foursome is instructed to head for the Wishing Well, which Judy guesses is where they have to wish that the star be fixed. Arriving at the well, Paddy peers into it, loses his footing, and falls headlong to its deep, dark bottom. First broadcast Tuesday, December 14, 1937

Episode 17: Pelted with Mud

The twins and Crazy Quilt note instructions on the well that they have only one wish. They use it to rescue Paddy. Heading back to Queen Melissa, they are pelted with mud and trapped in oozy, slimy mud by strange creatures called muddlers. They slowly sink. First broadcast Wednesday, December 15, 1937

Episode 18: Chased by Indians

A group of cowboys ride up and save the foursome. The leader of the cowboys brings Melissa into focus through a looking glass placed in his hat. She hears of the troubles experienced by Paddy, Crazy Quilt, and the children. She tells them to locate a singing tree. They leave the cowboys to search and are surrounded by Indians. First broadcast Thursday, December 16, 1937

Episode 19: Confronted by an Angry Witch

The searchers run into a cactus forest as they are chased by Indians. Actually, only one Indian had been in pursuit but Paddy, Crazy Quilt, and the Barton's' imaginations conjured up many, many more. They bribe the Indian into letting them go and continue the search for the Singing Tree. Suddenly, the Wintergreen Witch appears and threatens to turn them all into bullfrogs. First broadcast Friday, December 17, 1937

Episode 20: Lulled to Sleep by a Singing Tree

Wintergreen demands the star pieces, but her evil magic doesn't work. She threatens to destroy the shattered star. Queen Melissa's assistant arrives, arrests Wintergreen "for practicing magic without a license" and hauls her off to Looking Glass Valley, where she will spend the rest of her days staring at her hideous self. The relieved travelers, star pieces again in hand, lay down under a tree and are lulled to sleep by beautiful singing. They have discovered the Singing Tree. When they awake, they see a big hat with a door -- and, pinned to the opening, is a note! First broadcast Saturday, December 18, 1937

Episode 21: Flown to the Land of Ice and Snow

The group enters the hat, which flies them to the Land of Ice and Snow. When they arrive they are taken to see Santa Claus! First broadcast Monday, December 20, 1937

Episode 22: Welcomed by Santa Claus

Santa warmly receives Paddy, Crazy Quilt, and the Barton twins. Crazy Quilt stays behind, as Santa takes Paddy and the twins to the home of Jack Frost who will repair the star. Jack puts magic snow cement on the star and the pieces fit back together again. After he puts it on his windowsill to harden, the star is stolen. First broadcast Tuesday, December 21, 1937

Episode 23: Enchanted by Santa's Storeroom

Jack Frost observes the Bad Dolls - a group of mean-spirited dolls made with bad sawdust - running off with the silver star. Santa sends out the Tin Soldiers and invites Paddy, Judy, and Jimmy to the big storeroom where they reunite with Crazy Quilt. Eventually, Santa receives word that the soldiers need reinforcements because some hideous green creature is leading the Bad Dolls. First broadcast Wednesday, December 22, 1937

Episode 24: Thrilled by a Train Ride

Santa tells the twins not to worry and gives everybody a train ride. While riding on the train, they see all the toys. Eventually Santa is informed that the Captain of the Tin Soldiers is waiting in his office with the silver star in hand. His troops have defeated the enemy! First broadcast Thursday, December 23, 1937

Episode 25: Betrayed by Crazy Quilt

With the silver star now safe, and the Wintergreen Witch turned into a wreath, Santa offers to take Judy, Jimmy, Paddy, and Crazy Quilt back to the attic, but Crazy Quilt wants to remain in the snow country. As the group climbs into Santa's sleigh, Jimmy hands Crazy Quilt the silver star for just a minute - and, true to his nature, Crazy Quilt dashes off with it. First broadcast Friday, December 24, 1937

Episode 26: Returned to the Attic

Santa, Paddy, Judy, and Jimmy pursue Crazy Quilt to the North Pole. As Crazy Quilt begins to climb the Pole, the group scares him. When he falls down, they recover the star and the twins find themselves magically back in their attic with their mother shaking them out of a sleep. When they finally place the star on top of the tree, Judy and Jimmy wonder if it has all been a dream. Then they hear the Cinnamon Bear's song one more time. First broadcast Saturday, December 25, 1937

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Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1937

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