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Attic > The Shadow: Unearthly Specters (9 CDs)

by The Shadow

Nine Audio CDs, 9 Hours of Entertainment, 18 Episodes of classic Old Time Radio adventure featuring the Shadow.

Radio Spirits presents The Shadow, in 18 digitally remastered episodes of the series' eeriest exploits. You will join The Shadow, goaded by ghosts and vexed by snakes, as he battles strange and supposedly supernatural foes.

Orson Welles, Bill Johnstone and Bret Morrison each star in the title role, staving off the forces of voodoo and an onslaught of the occult. Malevolent creatures also stalk co-stars Agnes Moorehead, Margot Stevenson, Marjorie Andersen and Grace Matthews, all playing the role of The Shadow's lovely companion Margot Lane. Your companion through these preternatural perils will be a Program Guide by radio historian William Nadel with photographs and background information about the shows.

Fall under the spell of two newly discovered episodes of The Shadow – "The Mark of the Bat" and "The Witch Drums", (both starring Orson Welles). These episodes are available here to the public for the first time since their original broadcast dates. Listen to the sinister laugh and discover why "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit, crime does not pay!"

  • Tomb of Terror 06-19-38
  • The Mark of the Bat 07-24-38
  • The Witch Drums 09-11-38
  • Black Abbot 10-02-38
  • Ghosts Can Kill 01-15-39
  • The Ghost of Captain Bayloe 02-05-39
  • The Cat that Killed 12-31-39
  • The Laughing Corpse 03-10-40
  • The Mark of the Black Widow 10-27-40
  • The Ghost on the Stair 12-29-40
  • The Ghost Building 01-12-41
  • The Ghost Walks Again 03-16-41
  • Voodoo 03-30-41, Return of Anatole Chevanic 02-01-42
  • The House that Death Built 01-25-48
  • Death Coils to Strike 03-21-48
  • The Ghost that Gleams 04-04-48
  • Phantom Racketeer 10-03-48

Format: Audio Compact Disc
First Published: 1938

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