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Tarzan on Radio 3 Hours on CD

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Edgar Rice Burroughs introduced readers to Tarzan for the first time in the 1912 October issue of All Story Magazine. A classic tale of adventure, Tarzan is a timeless legend and remains one of the most recognized literary characters to this day. After making its radio debut in 1932, this popular tale of an orphaned child raised by apes in the African jungle had critics cheering it as, "the most fascinating and colorful radio program they had ever heard."

By incorporating both sound and his audience's imagination, Edgar Rice Burroughs was able take his Tarzan classic to a new level that would capture the fascination of all who listened. Enjoy the 18 episodes that marked the beginning of this classic radio epic and be sure to listen for Burroughs’ own daughter as Tarzan's love interest Jane.

  • Tarzan's First Birthday 09-12-32
  • Battle with the Apes 09-14-32
  • Tarzan in Young Manhood 09-16-32
  • Tarzan Attacked by Sabor 09-19-32
  • Tarzan Sees a Ship 09-21-32
  • Tarzan Rescues the Captain 09-23-32
  • Tarzan Rescues the Captain Again 09-26-32
  • Did the Bottle Really Go Overboard? 09-28-32
  • The Captain is in Quicksand 09-30-32
  • A Fight Aboard Ship 10-03-32
  • Tarzan's Shack 10-05-32
  • Mutinous Captain Killed 10-07-32
  • Tarzan Delivers the Sailor 10-10-32
  • Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father 10-12-32
  • Clayton Tries to Rescue the Professor 10-14-32
  • The Professor Wants to Search 10-31-32
  • Rescue 11-02-32
  • Tarzan's Hut Afire? 11-04-32

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