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Attic > The Iron Man and Other Tales of the Ring

by Robert E. Howard

The Iron Man has fought since time immemorial -- with but one thought in mind -- to get to his foe and crush him. The centuries, the costumes, the weapons are differemt. The object is the same. The gore and savagery of Howard's tales of the ring is little removed from those exploits of Conan and Kull and Bran Mak Morn.

It is common knowledge that Robert E. Howard was a boxing enthusiast, and his fellow author H.P. Lovecraft tied Howard's interests in sports directly to his "love of primitive conflict and strength..."

In THE IRON MAN, three of Howard's best tales of the ring -- certainly tales of primitive conflict and strength -- are collected in book form for the first time: "The Iron Man," "They Always Come Back," and "Fists of the Desert." Also included -- apparently in incomplete form as it has come down to us -- is the article "Men of Iron." The latter reveals the author's real-life models for his fictional iron men, who are altered in physique to fit the standard Howard mold. The result is a hero not unlike those superheroes of ancient and barbaric eras.

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Format: Hardback
66 Pages
First Published: 1930

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