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Attic > Howard: Treasures of Tartary

by Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard once again shows his love of adventure with this collection of stories with wayward characters. In "Treasures of Tartary," Kirby O'Donnel finds himself plunging into the middle of a battle in a dark alley in Shahrazar. Though O'Donnell is an American, he dresses like an Arab, is fluent in their languages, and is burned so dark by the sun that he can pass for a native, so he does.

In "Son of the White Wolf," Francis Xavier Gordon, a Texan and former gunfighter, is known in the Middle East as El Borak. Set in World War one, adventure abounds with every gunfight.

"Black Vulmea's Vengeance" is set on the Pacific coast of South America in the Sixteenth Century. Black Terence Vulmea has wandered far from his home in Ireland. As master of a pirate ship, Vulmea raids English and Spanish shipping until he is captured and finds himself in an on-shore adventure with a hated English enemy from times past.

"Boot Hill Payoff" is a Western story, but with a similar theme of a wandering hero. Buck Laramie, the only surviving member of a family of outlaw brothers, has been away from his home for a long time, but when he returns hoping to redeem himself and the memory of his brothers, he finds almost every hand against him.

"The Vultures of Wahpeton" is another Western story. Steve Corcoran, a Texas gunslinger, finds himself far from home in a mining boom town. Sudden death gets in his way and he finds himself drawn into a conspiracy by a gang of outlaws intent on taking over the town of Wahpeton. An alternate ending is included for this story.

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Format: Hardback
218 Pages

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