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The Oscar

by Richard Sale

Good condition of the First Printing of the Pocket Cardinal paperback edition.

The Oscar is a dramatic and explosive novel about Hollywood's most coveted prize. Five famous actors are nominated for the award, and they stop at nothing to win it:

Frank Fane -- a tough, ruthless slum-bred young man, ambition and corrupt.

Vincent Bundee -- an arrogant method actor, successful, self righteous, and cynical.

Jeff Prescott -- a flag waving, superpatriot, cinematic war hero -- and draft dodger.

Roger Alcorn -- the Grand Old Man of the screen, twice winner of the Oscar, now a jaded alcoholic.

Brett Chichester -- a talented, effeminate English actor.

As each seeks to secure the Oscar, he is plunged into a campaign of blackmail, scandal, and innuendo.

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Format: Used Paperback
406 Pages
First Published: 1964

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