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Secret 6: The Red Shadow

by Robert J. Hogan

It struck out of the night, a monster whose blood-red shadow brought death to everyone it touched. What was this weird Thing? Beneath its reign of terror, police were powerless. But grimly, out of the list of victims, rose six men--six men who vowed to track the scarlet killer down a suicide road to a murder showdown.... lead by a mysterious man, known only as King.

TIC-TAC-TIC-TAC-TIC-TAC. To a casual observer, that sprightly ticking sound might have seemed merry. But to the young man who was sitting alone in a cell of the State's Prison Death House, it meant the approach of a swift end.

At his arrest he had been booked merely as King because he would not disclose his real name.

There seemed nothing particularly out-standing about him as he sat on the bunk of his tiny cell and stared thoughtfully at the blank gray wall a few feet ahead of him. Nothing, that is, unless it was the determined look about his lips and the straight, unwavering glance of his cold, blue eyes.

He had the expression of one resigned to his fate. But there was no trace of fear in his manner. He shot a glance at his wrist watch.

"Fourteen minutes more," he said.

He had been flying an H Boat load of passengers across the Gulf Stream, and the engine failed. For fifty-three hours the boat had settled deeper and deeper into the water. One by one the five passengers had slipped off, only to be brought back by the young man, in spite of the sharks that infested the waters. He had lashed them on to the top wing with cut brace wires finally, and when the plane was sighted he, the pilot, was unconscious.

"Wonder where Scotty is now," he ventured as he felt for a cigarette. "Last I heard he was going down with the gang to teach the Colombians how to fly. Maybe I might have been headed there too if I hadn't spotted that Red Shadow from the air and stuck my nose in too far."

He shrugged then.

"Maybe it's just as well this way," he finished. "Wonder what it feels like to get that hot charge through your body. I'll be finding out pretty soon. Anyway, it's quick. Better than cracking up in the jungles in South America and taking weeks to die."

He struck a match and lighted the cigarette. The hand that held that match was steady. Not a tremble in his system.

He puffed and inhaled. Then he blew out the smoke in a thin cloud toward the other wall. And in that smoke, seen through slightly lowered eyes, his past life seemed to flash before him in the space of a few seconds.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
85 Pages
First Published: 1934

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