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Secret 6: The Golden Alligator

by Robert J. Hogan

When King found a man buried alive he knew he was on the trail of his strangest case. But it wasn't until the second murder had been committed before his very eyes that he realized he was pitted against a clever enemy--a master criminal who was gambling for fabulous stakes in a game of golden death!


He found himself tiptoeing about in a circle. It came from right around there somewhere. Suddenly his foot struck soft earth and his toes sunk in. He put one foot forward to take another step. But the soft earth rose in a pile. He stumbled and fell on his hands and knees.

His out-stretched hand touched something metallic-something like a large pipe. Instantly the rasping sound stopped!

He scrambled to his feet, flashed on his pocket torch. Then he was staring down at what he saw in the light rays.

He had stumbled upon a mound of earth. Out of one end of it extended a stove pipe about six inches in diameter. Perhaps it was a dugout, although there were no other visible openings above the ground.

Tipping his light so that the beam shot down the pipe he stared after it and the sight that met his eyes almost caused him to shudder.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
81 Pages
First Published: 1935

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