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Attic > Studies in Modern Horror: Issue #3

by Seele Brennt Publications

Perfect Bound softcover chapbook Size: 5

A Scholarly Journal for the Study of Contemporary Weird Fiction

Contents of Issue no. 3:

  1. "China Miéville’s The Scar: Pulp Weird Fiction Revisited" by NGChristakos. An attempt to trace the influece of Pulp Weird Fiction on China Miéville. This essay is the second part, with part one previously published in issue two; the subtitle for this issue's installment is "The Others".

  2. "Fritz Leiber's Our Lady of Darkness: Lovecraft, the Compound Ghost" by Dr. Robert Waugh. Regarding the influence of and references to H.P. Lovecraft within Leiber's semi- autobiographical Our Lady of Darkness.

  3. "Trials of Masculinity in Clive Barker's The Thief of Always" by Drew Williams. Harkening back to the rites of passage from being a boy to a man, Williams examines how Clive Barker's children's book presents a fantastical and yet thoroughly modern take on "growing up".

  4. "The Annotated Mystery of the Worm" by John Pelan with annotations by NGChristakos. Reprinting Pelan's contribution to The Shadows Over Baker Street collection, in which all the stories involved Sherlock Holmes encountering Lovecraftian elements, complete with annotations by NGChristakos.

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    Format: Fanzine
    40 Pages
    First Published: 2004

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