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Attic > The Spider: Reign of the Death Fiddler

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, May, 1935 high-ranking citizens are being slaughtered and major business are robbed. The Spider may have met his most illusive foe yet; for not all of Richard Wentworth's efforts seemed able to destroy this madman, the Death Fiddler. Can the Spider strip away the layers of this insane mystery? Who is this maestro of the Death Fiddler's band? Will there be a finale to this orchestrated insanity?

. . . Good Lord! Within twenty minutes, the building would come tumbling down upon all the thousands packed into that first floor and held there by guns!

Wentworth darted first to the men's clothing department, against the east wall of the building. From its cases, he whipped a black felt hat and a black Inverness cape. A black scarf furnished a mask when he had slashed eyeholes with his knife. Then he raced back across the floor and down a short flight of stairs to the balcony just above the Death Fiddler's head.

As he ran he swiftly looped a length of the powerful silk cord which he always carried with him, the silk cord that was less than the diameter of a lead pencil but which had a tensile strength of seven hundred pounds. Reaching the balcony, he crept to the railing, behind a silk shawl draped over the edge.

"Time is flying," the Death Fiddler boomed, just below him. "It is only fifteen minutes before the bombs explode."

Wentworth had his loop ready. He straightened, leaned over the railing, and made his cast. His appearance had scarcely registered on the assembled crowd, the murmur of fright and surprise had only begun to rise from their throats, when the silken loop settled about the neck of the Fiddler.

With a jerk, Wentworth drew the loop tight. He hauled upward until the Fiddler could barely touch his toes to the counter below. Dexterously he drew the cord about a pillar, fastened its end to the leg of a heavy table, then balanced the table on the railing.

"If any man moves," Wentworth shouted, "the Death Fiddler dies. The Spider swears it!"

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Format: Electronic PDF File
71 Pages
First Published: 1935

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