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Attic > The Spider: Slaves of the Dragon

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, May, 1936

White slavery, the loathsome traffic in women's bodies--and souls--was stripping America of wives, sisters and sweethearts. Richard Wentworth, valiant champion of human rights, knew that an Oriental master criminal was captaining the slavery syndicate, guessed the unspeakable purpose behind those wholesale abductions. But with Nita hopelessly lost, with G-men harrying him relentlessly, can the Spider outwit his most formidable foe and save America's doomed womanhood?

WENTWORTH stood well back from the crowd and airily swung his sword cane back and forth. It was his habit to go into battle with his body and his brain at ease. And battle might well be at hand! To Wentworth's keen mind, it seemed more than a little strange that a police raid on a lingerie shop should be guarded by a machine gunner whose twitching, white face betrayed a dope addict!

For that matter, it was strange that the lingerie shop--one of the city's most exclusive, and located in the most fashionable part of Madison Avenue-- should be raided at all... Yet there could be no mistaking the nature of the police errand. A procession of women was being hustled to the patrol wagon at the curb by a file of men in blue. Above the jeering crowd, Wentworth could hear the wailing and weeping of the prisoners. As he watched, one woman wheeled toward a guard and raked at him with clawed fingernails. There was a downward blur of the man's arm and a night stick smashed her to the pavement.

Wentworth's breath caught in his throat. He settled his hat firmly on his head, gripped his cane lightly in both hands and started a swift circuit of the crowd. It was not his custom to interfere with police business, but abruptly he did not believe these men were the police! Quite aside from the thing he had witnessed, from the appearance of the machine gunner, crouching tensely now over his weapon on the back step of the patrol wagon, Wentworth had ample reason for suspicion. Within the last week, there had been three mass kidnappings on the streets of New York, groups of young girls snatched into waiting cars and carried off before those who had witnessed the attack could even shout an alarm! There had been no demands for ransom; in most cases there were no wealthy relatives to pay. The entire chain of vicious crimes was shrouded in deep mystery... It seemed fairly obvious that this was another of the same bold kidnappings!

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Format: Electronic PDF File
48 Pages
First Published: 1936

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