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Attic > The Spider: Satan's Death Blast

by Grant Stockbridge

While trying to save New York's parks from a take-over by a mad-man in a red cloak, The Spider faces a most shocking set of obstacles: Ram Singh attempts to kill him, Nita shoots at him, and The Spider falls from a serious wound to the leg.

You won't believe why the bad guy wants the parks. No, its not for the concessions. See if you can guess.

Wentworth heard chairs dragged up to the table and he pressed close against the door to listen. The man of the mocking voice, obviously the leader, was speaking again.

"If you boys have decided to be good," he jeered, "I'll tell you the immediate plans. In minutes now, the opposition will be crushed. When Beach goes up in dust, they will give us the park lands without any further trouble. No one, not even Beach, has the slightest idea why we want those lands."

"God! Up in dust!" The whine was a whisper of dread.

Wentworth, crouched in the closet, heard the words with tight anger. He knew the man they meant. It was Senator Calles Beach, his friend, and the man whose philippics against the Park Bill had brought Wentworth to Albany. The bill provided that all state parks be turned over to a private corporation represented by Delancey Howard, a lawyer. They made various promises about preserving them for public use and improving them.

Of course, the measure had caused a furor, but it had been Senator Beach who had chiefly fought the thing. He suspected fraud, and Wentworth had decided to look into the matter. He had come to Albany only this morning and watched the office of the corporation lawyer, Delancey Howard. From there, he had followed a man here.

What he had found was ten thousand times worse than fraud. They planned to murder Senator Beach! And what was the hellish instrument of destruction that they planned to use? Up in dust, the leader had said, and even his own henchman had seemed awe-struck. It must be horrible indeed if the conspirators who used the thing feared it also. But the leader was speaking again....

"When Beach's destruction proves our strength, the others will come to heel like whipped curs," he went on softly, mockingly. "Within two weeks of the time, the land is ours- within two weeks, we will be too powerful for the Government of the United States itself to overcome!"

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Format: Electronic PDF File
63 Pages
First Published: 1934

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