Spider's keen weapons began his fight to save a great metropolis from madness and death! ' />

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Attic > The Spider # 69: Rule of the Monster Men

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, June, 1939

Transformed by an Underworld sadist into a city of man-made, outlaw cripples, New York faces the gravest criminal threat of all time. Can the Spider, already robbed of his most loyal assistant, successfully meet this new menace?

The veterinarian's ambulance was jammed, not with afflicted animals, but with human beings--monstrously deformed, and driven out into the steet by men with whips!

Richard Wentworth beheld this horror, and realized that a new Reign of Terror had struck New York! For somewhere, hidden from the baffled police, was a new Underworld master whom men called the Wreck. Foully misshapen, he had twisted countless victims--by means of drugs and operations--into his own evil image. And with this nightmare army he was plundering Manhattan!

No area was safe from his vulture's claws--not even the World's Fair! But Richard Wentworth did not fear to challenge this crime-master--and with the Spider's keen weapons began his fight to save a great metropolis from madness and death!

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Format: Magazine
112 Pages
First Published: 1939

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