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Attic > The Spider: Prince of the Red Looters

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, August, 1934

This story has been ranked by many fans to be in the top 25 list of great Spider stories.

Never before had any criminal dared give open challenge to The Spider! Never before had Richard Wentworth faced a foe who welcomed personal combat with the grim avenger whom all others feared... And while they fought--The Spider and The Fly--men and women were dying by the scores and a new and fearless criminal army was forming under the dark banner of that gentlemanly killer whose motto was "Kill The Spider--and the world is ours!"

CHAPTER ONE Richard Wentworth swung down from the milk wagon and hustled a basket of clinking bottles toward the next brownstone front. His eyes looked sleepy beneath the straggling reddish hair that was part of his milkman's disguise, but those eyes studied keenly the darkness ahead.

He knew those shadows held police. For the Spider, they might well hold death! Yet he must penetrate that hidden police line, must risk death in that apartment house halfway down the block or once more Loot and Murder would stomp their blood-clotted boots into the helpless face of the nation!

It had been a week now since that necromancer of crime who called himself the Fly had killed four men in an insurance office and walked coolly away with fifty thousand dollars; walked away and vanished even while police closed in upon him! And it had been a week since, his crime accomplished with suave ease, he had tauntingly challenged the Spider!

The front page of every newspaper in the country had blazed with it, had been plastered with four-, five-, six-column cuts of the personal from The New York Times, through which the Fly had spoken:

"Won't you come into my parlor?" said the Fly to the Spider. Pardon the reversal, my dear Spider, and accept my apologies for the execrable rhythm, but believe that the invitation is nonetheless cordial. I shall, presently, reveal the address of my parlor so that only your keen mind will understand. I hope you will find it convenient to attend my little "at home."

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58 Pages
First Published: 1934

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