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Attic > The Spider: Satan's Sightless Legions

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, August, 1936

Destined for a life of darkness, the victims of the Blind Man lose their sight when exposed to his crippling gas. How can the Spider, himself blinded by the gas, possibly save the rest of the country from the same fate?

She was lovely and gallant there as she flung into a fury of frenzied dancing, but only for a moment. Then her hands flew to her eyes, and her cry rose above them all. She took a faltering step forward and pitched head first into the orchestra pit!

The girl ushers at the heads of the aisles near Wentworth turned to flee. Wentworth sprang to the nearest. "Go down the aisles to the left and open the exit doors he snapped. "You go down the right! Move, quickly! Or well all be blinded! We must have fresh air!" A porter was brushing up cigarette butts from the carpet and Wentworth caught him by the arm. "Turn on the ventilating system full force!" he ordered. "Quickly!"

The man fled, his eyes all whites with terror. Wentworth sprang to the back row of seats, mounted to the rail that separated them from the main cross aisle at the rear.

"Stay where you are!" he shouted. "Cover your eyes with your palms, tightly! Stand still! The doors are being opened! In a few moments, the air will be clear again! Stand still! You'll be crushed if you stampede!"

A gun spoke from the orchestra pit and the bullet whipped past Wentworth's ear, plucked at his hat brim. Wentworth's gun roared an answer and a man leaped convulsively from the darkness and collapsed.

"Stand still!" Wentworth shouted to the audience. "The Spider orders it!"

The cape draped from his shoulders now and his back was no longer straight, but twisted in the hunched deformity that the world knew was the Spider! There was another shot from the pit. The man who fired was crouched where Wentworth could not hit him without danger of striking someone in the audience.

The screams still rang out. A man danced with the agony in his eyes, and scrambled up the aisle. A woman reeled out behind him, reaching after him with one hand as she flung the other to her eyes. And suddenly a whole block of men and women was scrambling after them. The woman stumbled and fell. The crowd pushed on, stepped on her, trampling her. Her screams died quickly. But now the exit doors had been thrown wide, and the roar of the ventilating system reamed a crescendo.

Wentworth fired both his guns into the air, sent bullets screaming over the heads of the stampede. "Stop!" he shouted at them. "Halt! Then walk slowly. I'll shoot the first person who runs!"

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Format: Electronic PDF File
50 Pages
First Published: 1936

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