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Attic > The Spider: The Spider and the Fire God

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, August, 1939

Richard Wentworth is on hand for the first tragic murders by Kalki, the Fire God. Using the skill and disguises of the Spider, he infiltrates the Fire God's temple and begins to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious and spontaneous fire.

Interrupted by the Police, who take Kalki into custody, the Spider must make his own incredible escape from the police. Kalki escapes by causing mass destruction and death by fire to those who attempt to imprison him.

After hundreds have already been killed, Kalki makes his demands known over the radio airwaves. He wishes to wipe out all forms of religeon and have all worship him as the one true god!

Only one man can stop this madman from further slaughter -- The Spider!

"So, I serve notice upon the people of this city!" Kalki cried. "They shall close all their churches; their profane altars before false gods shall be destroyed. They shall come at the rise of the sun and at the setting of the sun to the temple of Vishnu and worship. If they fail, then the Flames of Vishnu shall visit them! This is my ultimatum!

"Because you are blind, I tell you one more thing. Every day that the people shall fail to heed my voice, crying in the darkness of unbelief, I will smite one thousand of the infidels. I shall strike them with the Flames of Vishnu and they shall die, pleading vainly for mercy, writhing under the torment of the scorned god!

"If the blasphemous churches open their doors, they shall be destroyed. Each of your sabbaths, I shall destroy churches, with their entire congregations until those who survive have seen the light, and the truth."

Wentworth was on his feet once more, making his way rapidly toward the street. He had no choice now. Kalki, whether he was the leader, or merely the voice of the conspiracy, was proclaiming warfare upon the people. To that there could be only one answer: Kalki must die under the hand of the Spider!

Wentworth cursed himself bitterly that he had failed to slay the monster of the flames when the man was in his power. He must strike the more quickly, the more ruthlessly for that reason! If Kalki only talked long enough, he would reach the broadcast station and then...

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Format: Electronic PDF File
60 Pages
First Published: 1939

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