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Attic > The Spider: When Satan Came To Town

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider Magazine, December, 1943

When The Conqueror and his hoards try to overtake the city's government, and riot their bloody way to America's Capitol, only an ex-inmate of Alcatraz stands in their way. The criminal world knew him as "Number 347." We know him as Richard Wentworth -- the Spider.

Will the Master of Men be able to stop this Nazi-like coup before the citizens are driven to destroy themselves? Is there anyone in this government who is to be trusted?

This entry in Stockbridge's Spider series is filled with the usual and anticipated action and suspense we have come to expect. There is a surprise around every corner. Nita Van Sloan, Wentworth's lovely lady, is a stunning sidekick, with strength and cunning and nerves of steel. And the development of characters, as is Stockbridge's strong suit, is a never-ending study of the human psyche; and in this case, human dynamics. An entire population is caught up in the furor.

This time around, however, the Spider is taking on not one, not two, . . . but three identities -- posing as an ex-inmate as well as a government official. Intricate detail and attention are vital to keeping track of this adventure into heroism; not to mention keeping tabs on who is the good-guy and who is the bad.

. . . . and now the Conqueror was speaking again:

"You have the propaganda system fully prepared, he stated, rather than asked. "You have the list of rumors you are to spread. . . . . . You will spread among people, generally, the idea that no one is safe. Dutton's mob is planning to take over the city, and the first thing they're going to do is to murder a lot of important citizens, so their rulership will not be questioned. . . ."

Wentworth could not hear the response, but his fists were hard knots at his sides, and his jaw ached with tension. The Conqueror was going to provoke mob rule in the city, divide the people into two warring camps. . ."

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54 Pages
First Published: 1943

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