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Attic > Reprint: The Spider: Satan's Murder Machines: White Robot Cover

by Grant Stockbridge

SATAN'S MURDER MACHINES -- Must New York bow down an abject terror before the relentless onslaughts of the IRON MAN ? -- the super-criminal who could direct gigantic steel robots to spill the blood of hundreds at his merest whim? ... Richard Wentworth said no! Yet his only weapons with which to back his heroic denial were his few loyal aides, and the garb of the Spider, Master of Men! The greatest Spider story ever told!

HOW TO BUILD A HERO by Joel Frieman. A step by step construction of a super hero ... IRON MAN!

THE BOOK SHOP KILLINGS by Charles Boswell. Jimmy Miller left prison with his name in the Black Book. But the books in Martha's little store told a grimmer picture...

CRIME'S CHRISTMAS CAROL by Novell W. Page. Two wrongs don't make it right. but when its Christmas Eve, and two people, in spite of grim poverty, love each other as Tom and Anna did...

SMILODON and THE CONCIL OF EVIL by Novell W. Page and Joel Frieman.

Price: $14.95

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Format: Magazine
128 Pages
First Published: 1939

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