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Attic > The Spider: Slaughter Incorporated

by Grant Stockbridge

The Spider, Originally written in 1943
but unpublished until 1996

This Spider story was scheduled to be the 119th story, but never reached publication. Donald Cormack penned this in 1943, but due to war time paper rationing, the addition of Argosy and a number of other magazines to the Popular line, the Spider's ten year run came to an end before this story could make it to the printers.

Although this was never published before as a Spider story, it was published in paperback format in 1979 under the name Blue Steel. Due to copyright issues, all character names had been changed.

Now, in its first publication in its original format, we are pleased to present Richard, Nita, Ram, and Jackson one more time.

The deep-throated song of the Daimler limousines powerful motor was a muted thunder in the narrowly, quiet side streets of the city's lower east side. Darkness pressed in on all sides. But, even if the dwellers of this slum section slept, danger and evil were awake--and it was toward the source of danger and evil that the Daimler now sped.

A young girl drove the car, alone in the front seat, her actions precise and confident. The other passenger of the car, a man, sat in the rear. He was keen-faced; and in his repose he gave one the impression of a sheathed sword, hinting of swift action and quick death on an instant's notice. A faint smile brushed his lips now as he peered into the onrushing darkness ahead, seeing there the promise of coming action.

"I might have known it!" the girl chided suddenly. "As soon as you called me Dick, and told me to meet you with the car--I knew you were looking for trouble again!"

Richard Wentworth laughed easily--partly, perhaps, to hide his mounting tension. "We always fight the good and just battle, Nita. This time, I'm afraid, we enter it rather late. The forces of evil have had too much time in which to prepare and organize. Even so, you know you could no more stay out of it than I."

Nita van Sloan's quick interest thrust aside her earlier fear for the man she loved. "The recent wave of seemingly unrelated and motiveless, murders--" she began.

"Exactly!" Wentworth corroborated. "They're not motiveless, they're not unrelated! I'm certain, now, that they're all part of a huge scheme--a plan so mad in its gigantic scope as to blind the orthodox mind of the law!"

"Over twenty murders in the past ten days, and the number increasing daily," Nita recalled, speaking half to herself. "And you think you can prove your suspicions tonight, Dick?"

Richard Wentworth nodded grimly in the darkness of the car. "Tonight--now!" he said in a soft voice that was ominous in its quiet restraint.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
58 Pages
First Published: 1943

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