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The Intruder

by Talmage Powell

"First published in NEW FRONTIERS, Vol. 2, TOR Books, 1990
Edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Bill Pronizin

Mr. Powell takes us back to the old west, but only in his unique story-telling style do we get to see an interesting tale of violence, retribution, and redemption unfold.

He had discovered the white man's ranch on the previous afternoon when, sensing water, he'd trudged over from the other side of the bluff, the estochee in his arms. At the spring he'd taken all the water he needed, bathing the baby's face and getting her to drink a few drops.

A rifle had cracked in the near distances easterly, and all his senses had sharpened again. He wondered briefly if the white men had followed him all this distance, and he knew it was not so. They had taken from him everything they'd wanted, left him without caring whether he was alive or dead. He was but a dirty young Indian, hardly worth the effort of killing, unless they'd wanted to indulge in the pure pleasure of it.

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Format: Electronic PDF File
8 Pages
First Published: 1990

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