The Penetrator #50 Neutron Nightmare

by Lionel Derrick

Excellent condition copy of the Pinnacle Books paperback. Appears to have not been read.

Acting as a "friendly spy" on behalf of the Air Force, the Penetrator tests security at a top-secret U.S. weapons research base. It looks like an easy mission until Mark spots a familiar face--Tanya, a beautiful Russian spy.

Mark learns that Tanya is working with two other Soviet agents. Their plan: to detonate three neutron bombs on the base, destroying all personnel but leaving secret hardware and blueprints intact to take to Moscow. Putting Tanya out of commission would only put her two comrades on their guard, but time is running out...

With Tanya as his only lead, the Penetrator has to act quickly--before America's security is blown away by a lethal nuclear wind.

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Format: Used Paperback
198 Pages

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