Soldier For Hire #8: Jakarta Coup

by Mark K. Roberts

Excellent condition copy of the Zebra Books paperback. Appears to have not been read.

J. C. Stonewall Soldier of Fortune!

Senator Ned Flannery is mouthing off again, but Stonewall isn't going to let a rag-tag bunch of Commie terrorists overrun Indonesia just to keep the bleeding hearts happy!

The Mission!

The government in Jakarta needs an anti-terrorist squad, now, and there's no one better suited to train the unit than J. C. Stonewall!

When KAM terrorists decide to hit the training camp and get rid of Stonewall, they discover that you pay in blood when you get the Soldier of Fortune mad. J. C. steps on a few liberal toes in the process of wiping out the terrorists, but he couldn't care less. It was the Commie-lovers who created the problem in the first place and it is up to Stonewall to clean up the mess--by any means necessary!

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Format: Used Paperback
254 Pages
First Published: 1983

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