Phoenix Force #3: Atlantic Scramble

by Gar Wilson

Excellent condition copy of the Gold Eagle Books paperback. Appears to have not been read.

Hunt the bastards down!

Phoenix Force was scrambled from the far corners of the world when intelligence learned about Red Anvil.

This Libyan terrorist organization had left a trail of blood across the United States, confounding all security systems in a savage, sometimes suicidal, pursuit of a deadly goal--possession of the Dessler Laser Submachine superweapon.

The five warriors of Mack Bolan's mercenary force tracked their thieving quarry to the high seas of the Atlantic, where the battle zone descended upon the subchaser U.S.S. Beaumont and continued, bloodily, beneath the waves.

The deep-sea shoot-out is the most explosive climax yet for the fabulous, world-encircling Phoenix Force. Here is raw power and magnificent courage in the gut-chilling tradition of the Executioner.

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Format: Used Paperback
190 Pages
First Published: 1982

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