Hell Rider

by Ford Pendleton

Very Good condition, 1955 Graphic Original Paperback. Front cover has a small x in pen in top corner. Back cover has a small grease pencil marking. Otherwise, in great shape. Pages and spine show very little use.

He came up with the trail herds -- a drifter, a saddle fighter, a hell rider out of Texas. But Kelly Drake had to roost somewhere. And this Lone Point town could be the place!

For here he found Big Rio, with a stolen girl. Here lurked his enemy, Chance Comber. Here waited Trench Durnbo -- spoiling for a shoot-out that would make him top gun...

Maybe Kelly should have just drifted, as usual. Instead, he rode right into trouble behind blazing side-guns -- gambling for a woman, a ranch and a place in the sun.

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Format: Used Paperback
First Published: 1955

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