Destroyer #25: Sweet Dreams

by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir

Very good. condition copy of the Pinnacle Books paperback. Appears to have not been read. Front cover does show some wear.

Remo and the incredible Chiun try to prevent the sale of the ultimate vice -- a gadget that lets you watch your secret fantasies on television!

An eccentric professor invents the world's greatest entertainment device -- a gadget that will let you watch your own most secret fantasties on your television set, in glorious full color, with stereophonic sound an extra option. The Mafia would like the machine, hoping to market it as the ultimate vice.

And the TV moguls along Madison Avenue would also like the Professor's invention, too -- just to bury it. After all, who's going to watch summer re-runs when he can have his own dream machine?

And Dr. Harold Smith, head of the super-secret agency called CURE, would also like to get his hands on the machine because he knows something else about it -- that it can be dangerous and deadly.

When bodies start littering the place, can Remo and Chiun CURRE's super-secret secret weapons, be far away? And when they're on the scene, its lights, camera, action all the way -- with no commercial interruptions.

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Format: Used Paperback
199 Pages
First Published: 1976

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