Executioner #11: California Hit

by Don Pendleton

Very good condition copy of the Pinnacle Books paperback. Appears to have not been read.

Mack Bolan, the one-man army, attacks the Mafia's San Francisco operation --- and it's like a bloody earthquake!

Fight fire with fire! The heat is on as Mack Bolan's one man crime crusade moves west. The sunny Golden Gate city finds out what the Executioner is all about when he explodes into their midst, hot on the trail of the inner enemy and "Mi. King," the behind-the-scenes boxx of all that moves and breathes in the western states.

Bolan's assault blazes a wide swath, zeroing in on the kingpin's home base. A deadly Chinese Communist cell, some mislead ecology freaks and a group of militant leftists all find themselves in danger of being burned by the swiftly racing torch of the Executioner. No one is going to stop him this time. No way.

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Format: Used Paperback
186 Pages
First Published: 1972

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