Phoenix Force #4: Tigers of Justice

by Gar Wilson

Excellent condition copy of the Pinnacle Books paperback. Appears to have not been read.

Japanese terrorists cause a nuke plant accident.. then set target for the ultimate catastrophe.

It began as an accident -- another "Three Mile Island." But in reality it was the gambit in an unthinkable schedule of KGB-inspired nuclear sabotage.

A group of thirty-seven deadly ninja warriors were determined beyond reason to avenge Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Where would their next "accident" happen? Iowa? Kansas?

Dozens of peaceful nuclear installations suddenly became sites of potential doomsday. The White House red alert was immediate. The insidious ninjutsu threat could only be met by a very special force. Phoenix Force!

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Format: Used Paperback
186 Pages
First Published: 1983

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