Resistance #3: Shadows of Death

by Gregory St. Germain

Very good condition copy of the Pinnacle Books paperback. Appears to have not been read. Front cover does show some wear.

THE FRENCHMAN, Charvey, wanted to return to his homeland to start eliminating the despised Boches who had raped his beloved France.

THE RUSSIAN, Brusilov, lusted for this fresh challenge to his giant-sized strength and savagery.

THE SLOVAK GIRL, Eliska, hungered to prove herself as good as any man when it came to Nazi-killing, even though it meant using her body as bait.

THE DUTCH JEW, In'Hout, had the biggest score of all to settle with the monsters who sought to murder his entire people.

BUT ONLY THEIR AMERICAN LEADER, Scott Gideon, knew how desperately important their mission into the heart of Nazi-occupied France was, and how small their chances of getting out alive...

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Format: Used Paperback
186 Pages
First Published: 1982

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