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Attic > The Big Eye

by Max Ehrlich

Very good condition copy of the Popular Library paperback. Slight wear on the front cover with a small pen mark in upper right corner. Spine and pages in very good plus condition.

Red peril rode the heavens as a frightened world faced annihilation.

"David, don't go!"

Fear darkened Carol's eyes. "David -- don't go. Don't leave me alone here!" The blood rushed hotly to David's face. He threw down his coat. In a moment she was in his arms, clinging to him as if she were drowning..."

The time was 1960 with Russia and America poised on the brink of atomic war. Then came the shattering news from Palomar Observatory that a new planet had been discovered -- a planet that was rushing toward a collision with the Earth on Christmas Day, 1962.

Suddenly there was no need for war. People went wild trying to cram a lifetime into two precious years. Carol and David, too, found themselves caught up in the frenzy to live and love while they still had the chance. A great novel of a world facing a cosmic cataclysm!

Format: Used Paperback
223 Pages
First Published: 1950

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