Behind the Flying Saucers

by Frank Scully

Excellent condition copy of the Popular Library paperback. Appears to have never been read before.

The Book Everyone is Talking About!

What are flying saucers?

Are they real -- or are they a hoax? Are they a hallucination -- or mass hysteria? Are they a secret weapon of our army? Are they enemy missiles from Russia? Are they space ships from Venus? Is it true that little men three feet high were found inside them?

These questions -- and many more that you never dreamed of -- are answered openly and forthrightly in this amazing book. Mr. Scully has torn aside the veil of secrecy that surrounds a controversial subject, and the astounding facts he presents here -- ignored by the armchair beaurocrats amd tje hush-hush boys -- are not to be found in any other book.

Price: $24.95

Format: Used Paperback
192 Pages
First Published: 1951

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