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Attic > The World Jones Made

by Philip K. Dick

Excellent condition copy of the Ace Books paperback. Appears to have never been read before.

To him the future was an open book.

THE WORLD JONES MADE is a spectacular, brim-full grab bag of ideas. The central story concerns a new and fascinating style of conquering villain, but Dick has skillfully woven in such diverse and unlikely elements as (1) a race of artificial mutants; (2) the 'Drifters' -- mindless blobs of protoplasm that float in from space; (3) world peace enforced by 'Relativism'...

Uniting all this is the central idea, the tyrant who can see the future. His name is Flyod J. Jones... To Jones, the future, one year ahead, is always more vivid than the present. The real horror of this peculiar kind of limited precognition does not appear till the end of the book... -- Damon Knight Infinity S.F.

Format: Used Paperback
190 Pages
First Published: 1956

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