Horror of the 20th Century

by Robert Weinberg

An Illustrated History. A Horror History Well Beyond Movies Alone. For more than 200 years, readers have jumped at the chance to be scared out of their wits, make their flesh creep, and their blood curdle. Award-winning author Robert Weinberg has brought the best of twentieth century horror together in this remarkable volume. The most renowned writers, illustrators, publishers, actors, and filmmakers are drawn together in this exquisite portrayal of horror.

Every media from pulps, comics, paperbacks, hardcovers, and movies is represented in full color. As an award-winning writer of fifteen horror novels and many other short stories and anthologies, Weinberg is well-qualified to present this chapter of American pop culture. Drawn from his world-renowned collection of over 25,000 genre-related materials, this is a sure favorite for all age groups. Pulp fiction magazine fans will be delighted with the amount of material and photos from the pulp era including Weird Tales, Argosy, Horror Stories, Terror Tales, Astounding, Famous Fantastic, Ghost Stories, Strange Tales, Strange Stories, Unknown, Dime Mystery, Spicy Mystery, Uncanny Tales, and many more!

Hardcover w/embossed jacket
10" X 13", 256 pages
450 full-color images

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Format: Hardback
256 Pages
First Published: 2000

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