100 Crooked Little Crime Stories

Selected by Robert Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz, & Martin H. Greenberg. A limited number of signed, by Bob Weinberg, first edition hardbacks are available.

Filled with classic detective stories and grim tales of murder and the macabre, 100 Crooked Little Crime Stories will fascinate and thrill mystery lovers everywhere. This richly varied collection, spanning more than two hundred years, encompasses virtually every kind of crime story: the puzzle tale in Alexandre Dumas's "The Man of the Knife", the detective story in Headon Hill's "The Sapient Monkey," the police procedural in Gerald Tollesfrud's "Switch," and the noir thriller in Ernest Leong's "Incense Sticks." There is also fratricide in Allen Beck's "Always Together," embezzlement in Ferenc Molnar's "The Best Policy," serial murder in Gary Lovisi's "New Blood," swindling in Michael A. Black's "The Pigeon Drop," kidnapping in Edgar Wallace's "The Slave-Maker," bigamy in Joyce Kilmer's "Whitemail," drive-by shootings in Dane Gregory's "Jackie Won't Be Home," the ever-reliable homicide in Chet Williamson's "First Kill," and a crime so bizarre in Geoffrey Vace's "The Hard-Luck Kid" that it defies classification.

Witness mysteries and crimes that are sure to puzzle and horrify. Journey into the motivations behind felonious characters' twisted and irrational behaviour. 100 Crooked Little Crime Stories unlocks the landscape of your mind to fascinate, intrigue, and satisfy, leaving you to discover who the real criminal is.

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Format: Hardback
589 Pages
First Published: 1994

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