Classic Pulp Fiction and the Great Storytellers that followed

About the Vintage Library

Dear fans of the Vintage Library,

In May, 1996, the Vintage Library opened it's online doors as a speciality bookstore focusing on the world of Pulp Fiction. We initially published hundreds of action packed original pulp stories in PDF format long before the was an EBook marketplace.

We then expanded our selection into selling books, dvds and audio cds from a great selection of small press publishers who were dedicated to the pulp fiction, old time radio and cliffhanger genres. Over the two plus decades since our inventory selection increased and explanded and began to spill over into the many genres that had their beginnings in the pulp fiction era.

The year 2020 brought many changes to our world and we took this opportunity to redefine our direction as an online bookstore. We have closed our physical location in Phoenix Arizona and we are in the process of moving our inventory up to our new home in Reno, Nevada.

Our great collection of rare pulp fiction magazines, fanzines, used and rare books and small press publications will be once again made available for sale, but that selection will be under our Vintage Library Attic section of the website. The Attic is currently closed, but will re-open several times a year. Sign up for our newsletter for news and information about The Attic.

We are in the process of redesigning our main website to be an affiliate bookstore. This website will provide you the search, browse and cross indexing links to find a world of great fiction from the pulp fiction era through to today's great storytellers. Our product pages will then help you find the books, pulp magazines, fanzines, ebooks and audio books which are made available through our third party partners. offers a great selection of new paperbacks and hardcovers. Orders placed through them will have new books arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days. Biblio and AbeBooks are used and rare book marketplaces that provide an interface where hundreds of independent booksellers sell used, rare, and sometimes brand new books at great prices. The MyMustReads App is our third party vendor for ebooks and audiobooks.

The end result, the Vintage Library is building out an interface into the world of Pulp Fiction and the great Storytellers that followed, where you'll have a unique browsing and shopping experience. Finding great stories, out of print or not, will never have been easier!

We are rapidly expanding our selection on a daily basis and we have no shortage of new ideas and innovations planned for the new and improved Vintage Library while still maintaining the Vintage Library Attic on a seasonal basis.

We want to thank the thousands of dedicate pulp fiction fans who were our customers over the last 25 years. We are excited about our changes and future direction and hope to providing you with a unique website experience where you'll be finding great stories to enjoy far into the future!

As always, if you have questions, please contact us here!

-- Jack Suto
-- Vintage New Media, Inc.