The Wycherly Woman

by Ross Macdonald

Published by:Warner Books
First Published:1990

Phoebe Wycherly was missing two months before her wealthy father hired Lew Archer to find her. But before he could locate the Wycherly girl, Archer had to reckon with the Wycherly woman, Phoebes mother, an eerily unmaternal blonde who kept too many secrets and left too many corpses in her wake.
Year First Published:1961

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874172985: The Wycherly Woman

Condition: Acceptable       List Price: $1.75
Publisher: Warner Books       Publication Date: 1990-09
Format: Paperback       ISBN: 9780446359030
Seller: Dreamalot Books       MONCKS CORNER, South Carolina USA

Warner Books, 1990-09. Paperback. Acceptable. some creasing and wear, good binding, no missing or clipped covers, older paperbacks may have yellowing/discoloration due to age, older glued bindings may be fragile and need to be handled with care


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