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The Avenger Pulp magazine published by Street and Smith Publications, Inc. from September 1939 through September, 1942 for a total of 24 issues. Published under the house name of Kenneth Robeson these stories are most often attributed to writer Paul Ernst.

The character also surfaces in a series of short stories in Clues Detective and The Shadow with these stories being attributed to Emile C. Tepperman of Operator 5 and The Spider fame. The Avenger also had a stint on the radio with 26 known radio plays.

In the roaring heart of the crucible, steel is made. In the raging flame of personal tragedy, men are sometimes forged into something more than human. It was so with Dick Benson. He had been a man. After the dread loss inflicted on him by an inhuman crime ring, he bacame a machine of vengeance dedicated to the extermination of all other crime rings.

He turned into the person we know: a figure of ice and steel, more pitiless than both; a mechanism of whipcord and flame; a symbol to crooks and killers; a terrible, almost impersonal force, masking chill genius and super-normal power behind a face as white and dead as a mask from the grave.

Only his pale eyes, like ice in a polar dawn, hint at the deadliness of the scourge the underworld heedlessly invoked against itself when crime's greed turned millionaire adventurer Richard Benson into -- The Avenger.






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