In the 1930s a publishing boom and the rise of radio jump-started American popular culture, and invented listening and reading habits. In this new and crowded field of entertainment, there was one sure way for publishers and advertisers to inspire allegiance to their signature character, and create a very young legion of pitchmen: Offer giveaways for the kids!

Back then, the coolest (and therefore, most effective) premiums would admit you into a hero's secret club, with exclusive codes, messages and symbols of loyalty -- badges and rings. Today Vintage New Media, dedicated to reviving the fun of a media "golden age" with modern technology, proudly offers FREE paper premiums you can download and printout...The Spider Kit!

"Yes, kids, YOU can be The Spider! Cut out and assemble the mask, hat, gun, and all-important ring of your favorite dark avenger! Now YOU TOO can take up the apocalyptic war one just man wages against the consuming fires of evil!"

Download it and print it out, and it's a modern classic of paper premiums-- Toys Made Outta Pulp! Assemble it and it's a set of retro toys that will remind you of your the '30s. Neophytes will appreciate the Spider excerpts that are included to provide a feel for this classic pulp. Long time fans will enjoy the first original, licensed Spider merchandise since the 1940s!

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The Spider Kit

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