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Pulp Fiction and Science Fiction Fanzines

The fanzine is a very unique publication. Although it has been a low budget project that is not concerned with being profitable, with the latest in computer software, they now can rival top notch publications. Fanzines are labors of love for their creators but have proven to be invaluable stores of knowledge, capturing the history of pulps and science fiction that would have been otherwise lost. Many of the fanzines listed below are from the 1960s and 1970s and come in limited quantities, many times only one copy available.

Featured Pulp Fiction Fanzines

Echoes 30: Three Decades of Pulp Fandom's Greatest Magazine by Ginger Johnson, Tom Johnson, and Will Murray

Echoes, the longest-running pulp fanzine of all time, is back for a special 30th anniversary issue, and it's the largest single-issue pulp fanzine ever published. Enjoy over 300 pages of articles on pulps as well as a pair of classic reprints, written by a variety of pul ... read more


The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction by Justine Larbalestier

The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction is a lively story of the role of women and feminism in the development of American science fiction in its formative years of the mid-twentieth century. Beginning in 1926 and moving through the 1990s, Justin Larbalestier e ... read more


The Black Back Companion by Tom Johnson and others

One of the most beloved pulp characters, The Black Bat, is finally celebrated with this 340 page deluxe retrospective. Author Tom Johnson has indexed each issue, listing everything you need to know about the series, along with the following highlights:

A complete ... read more


The Revised Complete Chronology of Bronze by Rick Lai
Doc Savage Story by Story breakdown, plus more! ... read more


Yesterday's Faces #1 : Glory Figures by Robert Sampson
This book and its companion volumes are concerned with the slow boiling and shaping of many literary conventions over many decades. This volume will begin with the dime novels and several early series characters who influenced the direction of pulp fiction at its source. ... read more


Complete List of Pulp Fiction Fanzines