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Unabridged Pulp Fiction Stories in Audio Format on CDs.

Audio Book: Captain Zero: City of Deadly Sleep
The world only knows him as Captain Zero -- Master of Midnight! In realty, he's newspaperman Lee Allyn who, after a strange experiment, becomes invisible every night. ... read more


Audio Book: Detective Doc Harker: Crime Nest by Edwin Truett Long
Who is Doc Harker? A courtly Kentucky colonel of the old school, Dr. Thaddeus Clay Harker travelled the backroads of America in a fire-engine red roadster and matching house trailer. ... read more


Audio Book: Dime Mystery Magazine Volume 1 by Robert J. Hogan
During the Great Depression, there was one premier periodical of terror and horror -- Dime Mystery Magazine! Within a year, it was spawning imitators and companion titles such as Terror Tales and Horror Stories. ... read more


Audio Book: Dr. Yen Sin: Mystery of the Dragon's Shadow
Washington D.C. is under attack! All over the nation's capital, men are struck down -- their bodies turned the color of cowardice -- by a fatal force known as The Dragon's Shadow! ... read more


Audio Book: Dr. Yen Sin: Mystery of the Golden Skull
A weird doom hovers over New York City. People are reduced to corpses of colored dust. Strange creeping Gray Men murder in service to the Invisible Empire. Victims are found with their staring heads sewn on backwards! Nameless fear grips Manhattan. ... read more


Audio Book: G-8 and His Battle Aces: Fangs of the Serpent by Robert J. Hogan
One by one, the great Allied generals died or disappeared mysteriously. On the eve of the biggest drive of the war, the High Command was being decimated, their military secrets falling into the hands of the German enemy. ... read more


Audio Book: Operator 5: The Invisible Empire by Curtis Steele

Unseen, impregnable, the strange war engine of a foreign power hovered over America, waiting the fatal moment to hurl death upon a thousand cities and towns. Foredoomed to destruction and desolation before the ravaging hordes of the Yellow Empire, bleak despair gripped t ... read more


Audio Book: Operator 5: TheYellow Scourge by Curtis Steele

Once again, James Christopher, known in the secret archives of Washington as Operator #5, is called on to battle a deadly threat to American freedom in Curtis Steele's The Yellow Scourge! This time, the treacherous criminal nation he defeated in The Invisible Empire has ... read more


Audio Book: Rangeland Romances Vol 1
Seven stories culled from the August, 1948 issue comprise this thrilling collection. For twenty years, Rangeland Romances dished up succulent stories of range and range love for an insatiable audience hungry for cowboys and cowgirls mixing it up on the frontier. ... read more


Audio Book: Secret Six: House of Walking Corpses by Robert J. Hogan
The Secret 6 are back! Fresh from demolishing The Red Shadow in their first exploit, the mysterious adventurer known only as King, backed by an army of underworld informants, leads the Secret 6 into new catacombs of horror and peril. ... read more