David Goodis Crime Fiction


Crime Novels: American Noir of the 1950s

Robert Polito, editor. Evolving out of the terse and violent style of the pulp magazines, noir fiction expanded over the decades into a varied, innovative and profoundly influential body of writing. The eleven novels in this adventurous two-volume collection tap deep roots in ... read more


Of Tender Sin by David Goodis
'It began with a shattered dream...' Alvin Darby is a 29 year old insurance clerk, with a comfortable apartment, a beautiful wife and enough money in the bank not to have to worry. So why does he wake up in the ... read more


The Blonde on the Street Corner by David Goodis
'She took a final drag at the cigarette, flipped it away, and said, I don't get this line of talk. It's way over my head... Maybe you're waiting for some dream girl to come along in a coach drawn by ... read more


The Moon in the Gutter by David Goodis

For her it was just a game -- for him, it was his life!

In a back street in the rough end of Philadelphia, docker William Kerrigan obsesses over the mysterious suicide of his sister. Into a dive bar walks Loretta Channing, the beautiful, enigmatic socialite an ... read more


Hooded Detective: Whispering Eye: Jan. 1942 by Hooded Detective

Featuring a Smashing Black Hood novel by G.T.F. Roberts and short stories including one from renowned noir writer David Goodis.

The Whispering Eye by G.T.F. Roberts... Hunted by police, framed for robbery and murder by the Eye, master fiend and vicious ruler of ... read more



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