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E. Hoffman Price


Grimes... Outlaw! by E. Hoffman Price

The Simon Bolivar Grimes Collection
Book One

With an introduction by Will Murrary

In the tradition of Robert E. Howard's humorous western yarns come four tales of girl trouble and gun-slingin' justice straight from the pages of ... read more


Arkham's Masters of Horror by Peter Ruber

Some of the writers August Derleth published during his 32-year reign at Arkham House have become legends among collectors and connoisseurs of weird fiction. Others have faded into unfortunate obscurity. Peter Ruber now brings 21 writers to life in detailed biographical ... read more


Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos
Twenty tales of horror and the macabre many from the pages of Weird Tales Magazine, all based on the creative Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Many of these stories written by close associates of Mr. Lovecraft including August Derleth, Clark Ashton Smith, and o ... read more


Satan's Daughter and Other Tales by E. Hoffman Price
A baker's dozen of classic pulp stories, by a master of the genre! About half of this collection gathers stories from the Spicy pulps, (Spicy Mystery, Spicy Adventure and Spicy Detective) with the other half coming from more mainstream magazines such as Speed Detective, Gol ... read more


Detective Short Stories November 1937 by Detective Short Stories

Featuring "Master of Living Death" by E. Hoffman Price. Barret evades living torture by the skin of his teeth!

Plus, 11 other complete thrilling stories.

... read more


Replica: Spicy Detective October 1934 by Spicy Detective

Featuring "Murder at Malibu" by Robert Leslie Bellem. Dan Turner tangles with grim killers, a gorgeous girl, and a dead man, to force a double-twist surprise showdown!

Also, "Red Headed Alibi" by E. Hoffman Price. Reckless love spins a grim web at the Mardi Gras, ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery July, 1936 by Spicy Mystery

A page for page replica of the entire issue of Spicy Mystery from July, 1936.