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Erle Stanley Gardner


The Adventures of Paul Pry by Erle Stanley Gardner
Paul Pry, a suave adventurer, aided by Mugs Magoo, a one-armed ex-cop with a photographic memory, solves unusual crimes and recovers stolen goods, which he turns in for the reward. ... read more


The Case of the Glamorous Ghost by Erle Stanley Gardner


Though some think they saw a ghost, it was real, live woman in the (mostly exposed) flesh flitting through Sierra Vista Park. Eleanor Corbin has a taste for trouble -- and a talent for getting out of it using the most ... read more


Top of The Heap by Erle Stanley Gardner
When the beautiful girlfriend of a notorious gangster vanishes, it's up to P.I. Donald Cool to get to the bottom of her disappearance -- and of a mining scam, an illegal casino operation, a double homicide, and an opportunity for an enterprising private eye to make a small fortune...if he can just stay alive long enough to cash in! ... read more



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