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Robert Leslie Bellem


Gallows Heritage: Surgeon of Souls Vol. 2 by Robert Leslie Bellem
Four new stories from the creator of Dan Turner, Robert Leslie Bellum. Come explore the strange world of Dr. Zarkov, the mysterious world of the Surgeon of Souls! Stories included:

GALLOWS HERITAGE - originally appeared in Spicy Myst ... read more


Replica: Spicy Detective October 1934 by Spicy Detective

Featuring "Murder at Malibu" by Robert Leslie Bellem. Dan Turner tangles with grim killers, a gorgeous girl, and a dead man, to force a double-twist surprise showdown!

Also, "Red Headed Alibi" by E. Hoffman Price. Reckless love spins a grim web at the Mardi Gras, ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery June 1936 by Spicy Mystery

Featuring "Surgeon of Souls" by Robert Leslie Bellem. "You must cast out your cancer of hate!" warned the mysterious old man. "You must forgive this girl or she will cause your death!" but Bannister wouldn't listen. A woman had betrayed him -- now she must suffer!

... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery May 1936 by Spicy Mystery

Featuring the cover story "Death's Diary" by Arthur Wallace... "You have killed me!" moaned the head. And he knew it was true! What would be the fate of this other girl -- the one he loved?

Also, Robert Leslie Bellem with "Cavern of the Faceless". No mouths, no ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery Oct. 1935 by Spicy Mystery

Stories from Arthur Wallace, Wyatt Blassingame, Robert Leslie Bellam and more.

Featuring the cover story "Satan's Mistress" by Arthur Wallace... Science ruled his brain , but a woman had snared his heart. And it was mere devil's work to turn his science to he ... read more


Replica: Spicy Mystery September, 1936 by Spicy Mystery
Stories from Justin Case(Hugh B. Cave), Robert Leslie Bellem, Lew Merrill, E. Hoffman Price and others.

From "Prey of the Nightborn" by Justin Case.

"Only the night hours are worth living," Morgu told him. "Then we'll drink red wine with the mi ... read more


Speed Detective Feb. 1943 by Speed Detective

Featuring the Dan Turner story THE DAME DIES TWICE by Robert Leslie Bellem. Somewhere in that crowd of more than a hundred extras, carpenters, juicers, technicians, and what not, Dan knows there is a man who was once hooked up with Rocky Caesar's Chicago mob. And that ma ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories August 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Stories include: The White Goddess by Lew Merrill, Luck of the Pipers by Robert Leslie Bellem, Treasure from Kurdistan by E. Hoffman Price and other stories.

Featuring "The White Goddess" by Lew Merrill. "White Master Mary" they called her. And she was a goddess ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories may 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Featuring "Bones of Pizarro" by Kenneth A. Nelson. "The secret of the remains of the dead conquistdor will bring bloodshed in its wake," the old man warned. And his prophecy had come true! Bob wasn't worried for himself, but for his lovely financee.

Plus stories ... read more


Spicy Adventure Stories Sept 1936 by Spicy Adventure

Featuring The Dragon of Kao Tsu by Sam Walser... She came from high society and she should have known she had no business associating with a gorilla like Wild Bill Clanton. However, the job she wanted done was plain burglary, and her code of honor wouldn't let her turn t ... read more