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Talbot Mundy


Hira Singh: When India Came to Fight in Flanders by Talbot Mundy
One hundred Indian troops of the British Army have arrived at Kabul, Afghanistan, after a four months' march from Constantinople. The men were captured in Flanders by the Germans and were sent to Turkey in the hope that, being Mohammedans, they might join the Turks. But they rema ... read more


Jimgrim and Allah's Peace by Talbot Mundy

Jimgrim and Allah's Peace is another of Mundy's highly exciting adventure story featuring James Schuyler Grim, better known as Jimgrim.

Jimgrim is an American secret service agent employed by the British and stationed in the Mid-East. His adventures, protecting Bri ... read more


The Eye of Zeitoon by Talbot Mundy
Shall I speak of Zeitoon? This, then: the Turks never conquered it! They came once and built a fort on the opposite mountainside, with guns to overawe us all. We took their fort by storm! We threw their cannon down a thousand feet into the bed of the torrent, and there they lie ... read more


The Ivory Trail by Talbot Mundy
Sometimes, a great adventure is about fabulous wealth. There were one hundred million pounds of ivory just waiting for them! But of course the ivory was secreted in the darkest heart of feral Africa, and if they got it out of the continent they'd have to deal with the avaricious ... read more


Replica: Golden Fleece #01 Oct. 1938 by Golden Fleece
A page for page replica from Girasol Collectables of the first issue of Historical Adventure pulp Golden Fleece.

The cover story is a novel from Talbot Mundy called Roman Holiday.

"An epic tale of Romans, Christians -- and lions -- in the reign of ... read more



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