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Doctor Death at the Vintage Library

Dr Death

Doctor Death: 12 Must Die

A mad odd wizard with the power to summom loathsome gray horrors from hell's attic decrees that the country's most famous men must die as carrion for his ghostly vultures. A whole nation is panicked at the sinister super-scientist's plans to change civilization.

Dr Death

Doctor Death: The Grey Creatures

Walking cadavers! Blood-thirsty, nauseous gray creatures! In the dark tombs of Egypt where he seeks the secret of resurrection, Doctor Death strikes at his pursuers with the terrible inventions of his warped brain. This gripping account of a brave detective's struggle with a scientific fiend is packed with thrills and horror.

Dr Death

Doctor Death: The Shriveling Murders

Giants shrivel to doll-size in Death's horrible scientific coup! Washington is about to collapse! Jimmy Holm uses the sinister scietists own gory weapons to battle the learned monster. The saturnalia of science is filled with bloodshed and terror.


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