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Pulp Fiction > Aviation Pulps > Dusty Ayres and his Batte Birds

Dusty AyresThe Black Invaders have conqured Europe and have now taken hold of Canada. Led by their Super Ace Pilot, the Black Hawk, they are poised to begin their assualt on America.

Its up to Dusty Ayres, Super Ace of the U.S. Air Defense, and his squadron of Battle Birds, to stop the assualt on the free world.

With the help of Agent 10, Dusty Ayres takes on the challenge of defending America from The Black Hawk, Fire Eyes, and the Black Invaders, in this air-warfare, miltary adventure.


Product Format: Electronic PDF File

Black Lightning by Robert Sidney Bowen
Crimson Doom by Robert Sidney Bowen
Purple Tornado by Robert Sidney Bowen


Product Format: Magazine

High Adventure #65: Crimson Doom by Robert Sidney Bowen


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