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College student Jethro Dumont spends 10 years in Tibet studying the secrets of meditation and returns with mystical powers. He now returns to Park Avenue and New York City to combat crime, evil doers and international enemies and with a magical Tibetan chant, he is transformed into the Green Lama.

The Green Lama first appeared in novel form in the pulp fiction magazine Double Detective. Written by Kendell Foster Crossen under the pen name of Richard Foster and published by the Frank A. Munsey Company.

The Green Lama then surfaced in the December, 1940 issue Prize Comics and appeared in 27 issues including art from Mac Raboy. The Green Lama's popularity launched his own comic entitled The Green Lama from Sparks Publications which lasted for 8 more issues.

The Green Lama then made the jump over to his own Radio Show starring Paul Frees and Ben Wright in 1949 which lasted 11 broadcasts.

Green Lama

The Green Lama Volume 1

Never completely reprinted before, the series is collected in three volumes. Each volume contains an all-new introduction, focusing on a different aspect of the character's life across several forms of popular media.

Green Lama

The Green Lama Volume 2

From the pages of Double Detective comes five more classic pulp adventures from writer/creator Kendell Foster Crossen.

Green Lama Story Title Double Detective Issue Green Lama Pulp Novel Description
The Green Lama April, 1940 Only the Green Lama stood between this mysterious, sinister, master criminal, and the domination of the world. Only the Green Lama had the knowledge, out of the ages, and the fortitude, out of a life of strict adherence to Truth and belief in Justice, to combat this menace which threatened the very life of the nation.
Croesus of Murder May 1940 Armed with the secret weapon of the world's most hated dictator, this mysterious masked fuhrer sought to subjugate the free people of the world - but one man, The Green Lama, stood in his merciless path.
Babies for Sale June 1940 The Green Lama pits his wits against a monster who traffics in human misery. A gigantic, sinister plot engineered by a master criminal -- a monstrous traffic in human misery, hidden behind the portals of a home for children brings the Green Lama to Hollywood to combat an evil far greater than any he had faced before.
Wave of Death July 1940 A foreign nation sent its best men out to get this terrible and powerful new weapon. But these clever spies found the Green Lama barring their way -- implacable, unwavering and invincible with his peculiar powers.
The Man Who Wasn’t There August 1940 "Man Overboard!" The dreaded cry of the sea rang out through the night and thus began a series of circumstances, and the beginning of a gigantic plot that tested to the utmost the powers of the Green Lama.
Death’s Head Face September 1940 The Green Lama meets the Man with the Death's Head Face again and encounters a diabolical murder syndicate lead by a ruthless, bloodthirsty and power-mad leader.
The Case of the Clown Who Laughed October 1940  
The Case of the Invisible Enemy December 1940  
The Case of the Mad Magi February 1941  
The Case of the Vanishing Ships April 1941  
The Case of the Fugitive Fingerprints June 1941  
The Case of the Crooked Cane August 1941  
The Case of the Hollywood Ghost October 1941  
The Case of the Beardless Corpse March 1943  


Green Lama Radio Show Title Broadcast Date  
The Man Who Never Existed 06/05/1949  
The Man Who Stole A Pyramid 06/12/1949  
The Girl With No Name 06/19/1949  
The Million Dollar Chopsticks 06/26/1949  
The Last Dinosaur 07/03/1949 MP3
The Return Of Madame Pompadour 07/16/1949  
Tapestry In Purple 07/23/1949  
The African Diamond Affair 07/30/1949  
The Gumbo Man 08/06/1949  
The Case Of The Dangerous Dog 08/13/1949  
Adventure Of The Patient(Perfect?) Prisoner 08/20/1949  

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Green LamaGreen LamaGreen Lama


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