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Jimmy Christopher, America's Undercover Ace, also known as Operator 5, was the main character of the self titled Operator 5 magazine published by Popular Publications. From April, 1934 to November, 1939, forty-eight issues in total, Jimmy Christopher fought and lead American forces into battle against threats to destroy America.

During the 1930's Americans where deeply shaken by the Great Depression, they still remembered the nightmares of World War One, and they began to see the new nightmares starting to develop into what would be World War Two. As threats of espionage and terrorism on American soil began to increase, so did the fears that America itself was not beyond the reach of tyranny, invasion, and occupation.

America turned to a fictional character, Jimmy Christopher, known as Operator 5 of the U.S. Secret Service, to face the all too real threats of U.S. invasion and lead Americans out of the present gloom and into the sunshine of victory.

This site provides the Internet Generation an opportunity to turn back the clock and re-visit America during a horrific time in world history. Jimmy Christopher leads us on exciting, action packed adventures where science combines with the evil forces of militaristic armies and spies based on world domination.

Here is Chapter One from The Melting Death.

Operator 5 bibliography

Green Lama

The History of the Purple Wars

Tom Johnson's fanzine chronicling the epic Operator 5 Purple Invasion series. The entire history of the The Purple Invasion, the War and Peace of the pulps which ran for over a year in the pages of OPERATOR #5!

Green Lama

Purple Invasion: Issue 1: Death's Ragged Army

New England and the Eastern Seaboard were already in the hands of the invaders from the Central Empire! The brutal Purple Emperor, War-Master of Europe and Asia, was beating America to her knees, using his horrible Green Gas, beheading all who resisted.

Green Lama

Purple Invasion: Issue 2: Patriots Death Batallion

America, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River, has been washed in blood by the ruthless war hordes of the invader, Rudolph I.

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 3: The Bloody Forty Five Days

America, last citadel of freedom and democracy in the world, has made a valiant but futile stand against the ravening war hordes of the cruel conqueror, Rudolph I, the man whose super fighting machine is ruthlessly putting the nations of civilized men in thrall.

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 4: America's Plague Battalion

The Purple Empire Invaders introduce the most deadly weapon of modern times -- plague bacteria!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 5: Liberty's Suicide Legions

The ragged remnants of America's Defense forces, make what seems their last, hopeless stand against the Purple Emperor's victorious armies!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 6: Siege of the Thousand Patriots

A volunteer American army establishes itself deep in enemy territory and prepares to die!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 7: Patriots Death March

Operator #5 starts his grim march through Purple Empire territory to bring guns and ammunition to our crumbling defenses in the West!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 8: Revolt of the Lost Legions

Operator #5 rallies his ragged desert-hidden legions against the victorious Purple Empire forces -- a prearranged, suicidal signal to the waiting Minute Men of a land already conquered!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 9: Drums of Destruction

Civilization, already weakened by months of bloody conflict, begins to crumble as Operator #5's growing army of volunteer patriots at last starts to drive the Purple Invader back toward the Mississippi. A book-length novel of the Purple Invasion

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 10: Army Without a Country

A war-torn, crumbling nation rallies itself to meet the last grim challenge of the Purple Invaders -- while civilization crumbles about the defenders' heads! A book-length novel of the Purple Invasion.

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 11: The Bloody Frontiers

Operator 5 and his fighting patriots, armed only with primitive weapons are all that stand between defenseless Americans and the Purple Emperor's guerrilla hordes who have turned time back to the Dark Ages -- to put Civilization to the torch and sword!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 12: The Coming of the Mongol Hordes

Before that Asiatic tidal wave of ruthless invaders, sweeping over America's greatest metropolis, only Operator No. 5 and his valiant fighting band stand fast!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 13: The Siege That Brought The Black Death

Against Mongol hordes and Purple Squadrons, Operator #5 and his fighting patriots had battled through New York's long, grim siege!

Operator 5

Purple Invasion: Issue 14: Revolt of the Devil Men

Across ravaged America, exhausted from the long Purple Wars, Operator 5 and his gallant caravan trekked on their errand of mercy, step by step rebuilding once more a mighty nation!


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The Purple Invasion!

Issue #26Operator 5 #26: Death's Ragged ArmyPurple Invasion #1
Issue #27Operator 5: Patriot's Death BattalionPurple Invasion #2
Issue #28Operator 5: The Bloody Forty Five DaysPurple Invasion #3
Issue #29Operator 5: America's Plague BattalionPurple Invasion #4
Issue #30Operator 5: Liberty's Suicide LegionsPurple Invasion #5
Issue #31Operator 5: Siege of the Thousand PatriotsPurple Invasion #6
Issue #32Operator 5: Patriots Death MarchPurple Invasion #7
Issue #33Operator 5: Revolt of the Lost LegionsPurple Invasion #8
Issue #34Operator 5: Drums of DestructionPurple Invasion #9
Issue #35Operator 5: Army Without a CountryPurple Invasion #10
Issue #36Operator 5: The Bloody FrontiersPurple Invasion #11
Issue #37Operator 5: The Coming of the Mongol HordesPurple Invasion #12
Issue #38Operator 5: The Siege That Brought The Black DeathPurple Invasion #13
Issue #39Operator 5: Revolt of the Devil MenPurple Invasion #14


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Operator 5: Cast of Characters: Jimmy Christopher

From The Masked Invasion Jimmy Christopher's face, even when masked by the black velvet, was cleanly chiseled, his eyes bright blue and flashing with the alertness of youth. His forehead was high, his chin firmly determined. He was in his early twenties, yet there was an unshakable confidence in his bearing that added stature to his years. His manner was briskly business-like; and yet, deep in his eyes, a cloudy blackness masked his thoughts.

Operator 5: Cast of Characters: Tim Donovan

Tim Donovan is Operator 5's assistant and close friend. Although Tim is but a young boy, his street smarts and young appearance allow for him too go unnoticed where others would be detected. Tim has the honor of being the only character other than Jimmy Christopher to appear in every novel.

Operator 5: Cast of Characters: Diane Elliot

Diane Elliot is the star reporter for the Amalgamated Press. Constantly after the big story, her path often crosses that of Operator 5 during times of crisis. Over the series, Diane and Jimmy become close friends and she often plays a critical role in the adventure.

Operator 5: Cast of Characters: John Christopher

John Christopher, although retired from the American Intelligence, often comes to the aid of his son to play a role in the organization of America's defenses.

From The Masked Invasion :

Jimmy Christopher crossed toward a man sitting in a huge easy chair, near a glowing fireplace. This was his father, John Christopher, once known as Operator Q-6 of the American Intelligence, now retired. There was a bullet embedded in John Christopher's body so close to the heart that no surgeon had ever dared attempt to remove it, and that bullet had ended Q-6's last case. His hand clasped his son's firmly.

Operator 5: Cast of Characters: Nan Christopher

Nan is Jimmy's twin sister and often particpates in the resolution of the crisis at hand. Many times, when Jimmy is under close surveilance by the enemy, Nan will deceive all by disguising as Operator 5 and leading the enemy away. Even if it does mean immediate capture by the enemy!

From The Masked Invasion:

A remarkable similarity of face characterized them. Nan Christopher was utterly feminine, her blonde hair waved softly about her face; her lips were red and full, her eyes the same warm blue as her brother's; and yet they seemed one. Their age was the same; they were twins. More than once Nan Christopher had garbed herself in her brother's clothes and, lowering her voice, fooled their closest friends.

Operator 5: Cast of Characters: Z-7

Z-7 is the man who is head of Chief of Intelligence. His responsibility is to coordinate the efforts of the Secret Service. During times of crisis, he delegates all operational control over to Operator 5 and acts as the offical liason between Operator 5 and the White House.

Not much else is known of this mysterious man, except for this description:

Into the light strode a man garbed in gray, his hair raven-black, his eyes shining with the deep brilliance of black diamonds.