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Carroll John Daly's Hardboiled Cop Satan Hall

Satan Hall is a man who, under the protection of a police badge, commits legal murder. Not that the city isn't better off for the deaths he causes. The men he kills are notorious, but they die without a fair trial by a jury of their peers. They die while "resisting arrest" or in the "perpetration of a crime". At least that's what the police reports usually say....

"You worked out of my precinct, Satan, when you were a rookie," he said. "You were straight and honest and had a hatred for criminals; killers--that was and is now, an obsession. You've done your duty as you saw it. You've rid the city of some of its most dangerous characters, but it's always been death and violence and spitting lead. It's kept you from the stripes of a sergeant. You're a one-man law, with only the commissioner himself behind you. " "I don't go in for murder, Harrington," he said. "My record doesn't show that. Every 'gun' has had his chance; the first draw. They've died with guns in their hands. I kill because I have to kill, to live. I don't murder, but I don't contemplate suicide either."

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